ethically made kids bracelet, handmade paper beads with letter beads that say mini
The Mini Bracelet
The Mini Bracelet
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The Mini Bracelet


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We mamas love our minis. When we get to see the joy of innocence in their eyes, hear them laugh at something for the first time, and wipe their tears when they experience sadness — getting to be their mama is a privilege, no matter how your mini joined your family. 

Our mini bracelet is made for stacking with our bracelet created just for our little girls. We also love our mini kid bracelet so much we made a special Mama + Mini bundle. Now you can both wear your favorite handmade beaded bracelets together! Wear your word with pride as you remember the blessings of motherhood.

Each bead is made from paper by women in the Horn of Africa. They use colored paper or recycled magazines and measure, cut, roll, and varnish each strip of paper to make a beautiful, unique, bead. Once the beads are dry they are then used to assemble and make jewelry, creating a one-of-a-kind gift for you and your loved ones!

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