The Smiley Symbol Bracelet (Kids)
The Smiley Symbol Bracelet (Kids)
The Smiley Symbol Bracelet (Kids)
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The Smiley Symbol Bracelet (Kids)

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What kid doesn't love the friendly smiley face sign? We can all remember learning to draw that smile as a young child. It's a great way to give kids an extra dose cheer, especially for our little ones who don't know how to read yet. And what makes this bracelet unique is they can match mom and dad with a similar product!

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Each bead is made from paper by women in the Horn of Africa. They use colored paper or recycled magazines and measure, cut, roll, and varnish each strip of paper to make a beautiful, unique, bead. Once the beads are dry they are then shipped to the USA and assembled into jewelry by women who are Afghani refugees who are working to provide for their families.

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