Broken Crayons Still Color Book
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Broken Crayons Still Color Book


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Dreamer & Co has teamed up with Toni Collier on the launch of her new book Broken Crayons Still Color to bring you a jewelry collection that helps your kids process those big feelings. Each color of the bracelet coincides with the feelings from the color wheel in the book. It tells kids they can feel these different emotions and how to have different strategies to calm themselves down. 

Each bead is made from paper by women in the Horn of Africa. They use colored paper and then measure, cut, roll, and varnish to make a beautiful, unique, bead. Once the beads are dry, they are used to assemble and make jewelry, creating a one-of-a-kind gift for you and your loved ones!

To shop the book, adult bracelet, or the mama + mini set go here.

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