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From mid-March to mid-May, the artisans were in lockdown, meaning they could not travel to their workspace, and all in-country bazaars were cancelled.

We at Dreamer & Co anticipated a strict lockdown coming, so we prepared in advance by distributing materials to each of the artisans so they could work from home.

We were in the beginning stages of working on some new products, including scrunchies. Several women had the materials for the scrunchies at their homes, and when the country made it mandatory to wear masks, the women were able to use the supply of elastic from the scrunchies to begin making masks for their community.

Although the lockdown has ceased, postive cases and deaths are still on the rise. Therefore, the only artisans working from the workspace are those who do not have children. This reduces the amount of people in a small space and ensures those who are most vulnerable are not riding buses and bringing their children outside their neighborhood.

Due to the closing of the airport, our supplies for the Fall + Winter 2020 line have not yet arrived in country. We have shifted, however, and the women are still busy making beads and some of the jewelry for the upcoming line.

We anticipate the post office to re-open in September and the artisans can receive the supplies they need to finish the Fall + Winter 2020 line. We hope to have the finished products by early to mid October. 

So while we will experience some delays on our Fall + Winter line, the artisans are still able to work and receive all wages that were established before COVID-19 shutdown.




If you would like to financially contribute to helping artisans make more masks for their community, as well as, paying for their rent for their workspace, you can donate to the non-profit we work with in country. 

Due to cancelled trade shows for the artisans, they will loose a lot of their income that helps them maintain the rent for their workspace. 

There are also many artisans working at home to make masks for their neighbors and for businesses who request them. We would like to help offset the costs of paying for the masks, so that more masks can get to vulnerable communities who cannot afford to buy them. 

To donate to these causes, click here. Be sure and put in the notes section that your donation is for The Project House. This will ensure your donations are allocated to the correct place. You can read more about the non-profit we partner with at their site



We want to also do our part in helping with relief efforts here in the United States. So for every online virtual trunk show, we are donating 10% of all profits to one of three organizations, chosen by the host. To find out more how you can host a virtual trunk show, contact us at

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