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We partner with a group of female artisans who have been trained to create handmade paper bead jewelryThey are sisters, mothers, friends, and most of all hard-workers.

We collaborate with a local non-profit coming alongside their years of experience working with these women. The non-profit selected these women because they were from low-income families, lacked a formal education, and were identified as hard-working and teachable.


When the artisans formed their jewelry group they were mostly single women in their early 20s. Now almost all of them are married with kids.

Their needs have grown but their income has not, that’s why our desire is to help them access a more global market so they can provide more for their growing family and in turn flourish in their daily lives.

The Process

Each bead is made by hand through a process of measuring, cutting, rolling, and varnishing. Depending on the length, width, or thickness of your paper strip can change the entire shape of the final bead. These women only use scissors and varnish to hand-roll each and every bead used in their jewelry.