our mission & values

Dreamer & Co is a social impact jewelry brand that helps artisan entrepreneurs flourish through business and inspires conscious consumption.

At Dreamer & Co we operate under the belief that consuming goods in a globalized economy should be more than about ourselves—fashion should be more than trends, and business should be more than profits. Therefore, we leverage fashion and business to empower women around the world. 

We connect consumers with beautiful, handmade products that are produced responsibly, ethically, and transparently for the benefit of others. We achieve this by providing job skills and a fair, living wage to the partner artisans in the Horn of Africa, helping them realize their potential and feel empowered, dignified, and in turn, flourish in their daily lives.

To read more view our Impact Report for 2020 here.



Commitment to Fair and Sustainable Wage

We are committed to making sure the artisans are paid fairly for their work.

While we are not employers of the artisans nor do we pay them a monthly wage, we do work with them to determine an agreed upon fair price for each product they produce, ensuring they make above the hourly minimum wage for their country.

It’s our hope that as our supply needs increase we will be able to provide the artisans with a sustainable monthly wage.

We believe this commitment brings about empowerment, dignity, and flourishing in their daily lives.  




Safe, Clean, Fun Work Environment 

We believe that everyone deserves to work in a safe, clean environment where they can build community, have fun, and feel known.

The artisans are able to work from home and even bring their kids to work when they can’t find childcare. We ensure this by partnering with a local non-profit who we have vetted and know that they are providing these non-negotiables to the artisans. 

The non-profit we partner with provides opportunities for growth through business training and emotional care. Dreamer & Co plays a key role in the development of these trainings and services. 




Intentional Design

We take pride in every design we produce. We currently design each piece (except The Classic Necklace) in-house.

We are working to stay on trend and create eye-catching pieces inspired by the region where the artisans work.

We work hard to source ethically made products from places around the world and we research each vendor to make sure they are providing a fair working environment for all of their employees.






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