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 Dreamer & Co is a social impact jewelry brand that empowers female artisans to flourish through business and inspires conscious consumption.

Unspoken Motherhood exists to support grieving mothers and affirm that their babies who are miscarried, stillborn, and born with life-limiting diagnoses are precious and valued.

Mothers who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss often feel abandoned by their health care providers. Losing a baby is a traumatic and lonely event in and of itself, and when you add to that the feeling of neglect from those you were trusting with your medical care, the trauma can be overwhelming. We seek to bridge the gap between health care providers and women experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss to show value for the lives of the women and these sweet babies. 

Having experienced three miscarriages and delivered two stillborn sons, Rachel Most, Founder of Unspoken Motherhood, knows what it is like to feel alone and forgotten in the delivery room and by the doctor's office. Her desire is to ensure women feel cared about and remembered during the heartbreak of losing an infant. 

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