Read how this artisan is using her earnings from Dreamer & Co!

ZamZam is one of the newest members of Riyo Rumoday, officially joining the group in September 2020.


Before ZamZam joined Riyo Rumoday, she was a student in the vocational training program conducted by our non-profit partner. After she graduated from the vocational training program Riyo Rumoday needed to bring on more artisans and ZamZam was recommended by the non-profit as a skilled artisan who was hard working. They asked her if she wanted to join and after she accepted, she was trained on how to make paper bead jewelry.


ZamZam is one of four siblings, (two girls and two boys). She lives with her father, her older brother and his wife and their 2 kids, and her younger brother. ZamZam’s mother passed away a few years ago and she misses her presence in the home. 


Because of ZamZam’s work with Riyo Rumoday and the partnership with Dreamer & Co, she is able to contribute to her family’s needs. She has used the money she has earned to help expand her family’s home. Previously, all eight family members slept in one room. ZamZam and her brother pooled their money together to build another room for their brother and his wife and kids to live in.


ZamZam loves to sew and her smile will light up the room. She has a beautiful heart and is always looking for ways to serve others. When she's not working on jewelry she sews in her home and sells clothes to her neighbors.


ZamZam’s favorite foods: are pasta, fish and chicken. 


ZamZam’s hobbies at home include cooking and listening to the Quran and she dreams of traveling to Paris someday.


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