Top Gifts for Kids in 2022


top gifts for kids

Tired of giving plastic toys year after year? We love gifting our kid items because it not only offers a unique alternative to more toys, but it provides you with a way to talk about women empowerment with your little ones. You can use the jewelry to tell the story of women across the world doing amazing things. You can teach about different cultures, geography, and how we can use our money to do good for others. Some of our favorite items for kids are our Strong Bracelet, reminding our girls that they are strong and worth fighting for! We also love our DIY kits. We have two different types of DIY kits that are great for kids. For our younger ones we suggest our Little Dreamer Kit. These are made with mostly big paper beads that make it a little bit easier to string. Our kids will have so much fun creating bracelets, necklaces, or just sorting the different color beads. Use the beads to teach colors and sizes as well as helping them make bracelets for their friends. 

For our older kids we love the DIY kits. The beads are made of paper but they come in our smaller petite size. These can require a little bit more hand-eye coordination, which is why we recommend them for ages 5 and up. Each kit comes with enough beads to make two bracelets — keep one and give the other away! You can choose from our multi colored beads made from recycled magazines or from our solid colors in our blue and peach hues. Choose from three words (bestie, peace, and joy) and let the fun begin! 

We also love our scrunchies, perfect for babies and toddlers. It’s super soft and doesn't’ leave a crease in your hair. Each one is handmade by a foot pedal sewing machine! That means each woman made it without electricity! When our artisans were still working from home during COVID lockdowns they were able to make scrunchies to help provide product for money. 

Another favorite is our Dream Bracelet and getting the matching adult Dream Bracelet to go with it! We love when mama can match her little and what better than way by reminding our girls and ourselves to dream! 

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