Want to make the perfect mood board?

Hi, Jessica here! I’m most known for being creative and I LOVE mood boards. Heck, who doesn’t?

So what does it look like to create a mood board for our seasonal collections? Well, I thought I’d take you step by step into our process . . . you may just be surprised how simple it really is and how even YOU can use this process to create your own mood boards -- think new house, seasonal wardrobes, your year’s inspo, whatever you want! 
  1. Determine what season you want to focus on.. This may be obvious, but if you are producing clothing or jewelry you don’t want to create a mood board that is all about rainbows and sunshine and yet it’s meant for December.

  2. Start a pinterest board. Begin by pinning everything that speaks to you, nothing has to be consistent at this point. Just pin it all! 

  3. Evaluate the data. Narrow down the trends. After you’ve spent a few days or weeks pinning all the inspo it’s then time to start narrowing down images that  seem to repeat (sneak peak warning: for our Summer + Spring 2022 line we started noticing a few trends in this stage -- rainbows, travel, sunshine) from those themes the ideas started to flow.

  4. Now start planning your colors. Don’t think about design, JUST look at the colors. We tend to rely a lot on Pantone’s color of the year and seasonal picks. However, now that we have a few years under our belt, we also look at our stats. We evaluate what colors sell well and we determine if it fits the season. For example, yellow is not our best color for a fall line, but terracotta? Now, we’re talking.

  5. Once you have your colors and your themes go back to pinterest and google those things together. For example, “yellow and pink rainbows” or “terracotta stars” 

  6. Now the fun part. Go to Canva (my favorite tool ever) and search “mood board” Pick a design and start importing in your colors and photos you’ve just pinned. At this point everything should look consistent. Below is what our Fall + Winter 2021 mood board looked like as well as our up and coming Spring + Summer 2022 mood board. (You’ll notice they can vary in detail -- you can’t go wrong here)

  7. fall, winter, fashion, mood board, jewelry, handmade, ethically made jewelry

    spring, summer, fashion, mood board, ethically made jewelry, handmade jewelry

  8. This is the last but very important and often overlooked step. Write it out! Seriously, put words to what you just created. When you add emotive terms and outline your mood board with words it will help you understand your vibe so much more. And for us, it gives us the copy that we can now use in our marketing and social media. 

Want to see the pieces inspired by our mood board? Shop Fall + Winter 2021 here!

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