3 Ways to Start Shopping Ethical


Let’s be real—shopping ethically typically means shopping over budget. It’s so easy to just go to our favorite fast fashion stores and get shirts for $5, especially when that cute little ethical shop on Instagram is showing you a shirt for $35. And you know your toddler is just gonna ruin that with apple juice and crayons. 

We hear ya. 

So we want to offer you three easy steps to begin your ethical journey. You don’t have to change everything over at once, but making little changes to your everyday habits can make big impacts, especially when that purchase can have a ripple effect on women all over the world.

For example, when you purchase from Dreamer & Co you (even one small item) you have contributed to the artisan’s next payment. That money helps buy more jewelry from the artisans which means they continue to get a consistent stream of income to buy food, water, clothes, etc. 

So let’s look at where to start:

  1. Buy Smart. You may not want to start your journey of ethical shopping in your kid’s wardrobe, but you can look at purchasing an item for yourself. Next time you look in your closet and realize you need a specific item (maybe it’s a plain white shirt or a dress for a wedding) use that moment to buy from an ethically made company. There are several places out there that even offer sales. And when you buy from these companies you can rest assured that your new clothes won’t just tear or shrink on their first wear. You are buying something that will actually last. 

(personal story: since we’ve been working from home this past year I’ve wanted to up my activewear game. I’ve been looking at Athleta, a b-corp, and watching for sales on items I like. I ended up scoring a $78 jacket and $78 pair of leggings for under $30 each)


  1. Do you love coffee? One of the easiest ways to start fair trade shopping is looking in your kitchen. Try switching your morning coffee to a brand that impacts the entire supply chain. One of my favorite brands is Stumptown, and even better you can now buy it at Target. Trust me, after you taste this coffee you will never want to go back to anything else.
  1. Gifts. Christmas, birthdays, valentines, anniversaries. These are perfect excuses to shop from that local place downtown or buy from that insta post you saved three months ago. And people love knowing there’s a story behind their gift. Think about it. Would you rather have a chain necklace from Target or a gold chain necklace from a store that can tell you not only the story of the maker who made it but also how that purchase is changing their lives? Exactly. Story matters, and when giving gifts nothing is more powerful than that.

Check out some of our favorite ethical gifts:

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