Meet the Artisans: Mouna

Artisan Story AfricaMouna is the president of Riyo Rumoday, the artisan group in the Horn of Africa that partners with Dreamer & Co. She started learning to make beads from paper over 7 years ago from a local non-profit organization.

When she first started making jewelry, she thought it was an activity for children, and never imagined she would stick with it.  After a few weeks, she soon realized that these little paper beads could be turned into beautiful jewelry.

Mouna is one of 15 children. She grew up just down the street from where she now works but she never had the chance to finish her schooling. However, she nor her sisters let that stop her. She learned French, Arabic, and a little bit of English on her own. She has constantly worked hard to get ahead.

As a natural leader, Mouna was passionate about leading a group of women to make jewelry. Mouna is one of the few women who have been given the chance to dream. Before Riyo Rumoday partnered with Dreamer & Co, the artisans received very little income. They would sell at ex-pat Bazars every few months but their sales were not enough. Many times, Mouna thought she may have to quit her passion for making jewelry so she can better provide for her parents and siblings. However, due to the increase in work and income through Dreamer & Co, she is able to still pursue her dreams and continue to teach more women the trade.

The money Mouna earns now helps contribute to her family's food costs, electricity, and her siblings’ schooling. She is an inspiration to those around her and her leadership is making a way for other women in her community.  


Artisan made jewelry

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