Does your purchase really make a difference?

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We talked a lot about impact around here at Dreamer & Co, but to be honest, we probably haven’t talked enough about it. We aren’t kidding when we say your purchase makes an impact, it makes a difference! 

We have walked with the women who have made your jewelry, sat in their living rooms, and sipped tea with their moms, sisters and nieces. We’ve seen them dream about and then accomplish big goals, like building a spare room in their home, adding a toilet, and sending their siblings to school! 

This has been possible because so many of you have spread the word, made a purchase, and made a true difference. In 2020, we had our biggest year yet. These women endured a hard few months of lockdown amidst the global pandemic. When we finally got to see them again in early September they recalled how they didn’t know if they would be able to keep working. Many of the veteran artisans had to move to find relief from the conditions and it meant they no longer could work in the city. The women left were mostly new and had never been trained to make jewelry. It all seemed daunting. They pondered if it would just be best to look for more steady work as a housemaid. 

So, back in the U.S., we got busy. We raised money for relief efforts, we worked on building our partnerships, we asked you guys to do virtual trunk shows, we showed up in any way we could with our retailers, and we continued to press into our values — on-trend designs, fair wages, and more. It was through that hard work that we were able to increase our order volume from the artisans for the next season. When we let them know we were able to secure enough work for them to bring home a consistent, fair wage,the women were ecstatic. We knew we hit a huge milestone and we also knew we had a lot more to do to make sure the sales keep coming. 

So that’s why we say it matters. Your purchase, your social share, your story. We couldn’t do this without you and for that, we are truly grateful.

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