Our Most Versatile Pieces!

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There’s nothing we love more than when something can be used in more than one way! It not only feels like I’m getting my money's worth from that item, but it also means I can wear things over and over and have a fresh new look.

We want to take time and show you some of our most versatile pieces.  

Scrunchies: Our scrunchies channel all the 90s vibes. They aren’t just for your hair, these guys make the perfect wrist accessory! I think we can all agree that having a hairband around is just a plain good idea!

scrunchie, silk, artisan made, ethically made, social impact


Large Woven Bag: You guys! This is so much more than a bag. Yes, it is the perfect beach bag - throw in all your sunscreen, your favorite book, and a towel. Don’t worry if it gets wet, it’s made for water! And then when summer fades and winter begins to take over, turn your bag into a gorgeous flower basket for your wall. We’ve even put ours on our front door! 



Chunky Chain Necklace: This is by far one of our best sellers. People love chunkier layering pieces and we couldn’t agree more. However, most people don’t realize that you can actually use this as a bracelet. Just wrap it around your wrist a couple of times. We love the way it looks over a sweater in those colder months.

artisan made jewelry, chunky chain, ethical impact, social impact, fair trade


The Classic Necklace: Just like the Chunky Chain necklace this piece can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Simply wrap it around your wrist for a colorful pop of fun!

colorful necklace, social impact jewelry, fair trade jewelry, artisan made


Bar Necklace (and Dream Bar Necklace): Again, another versatile necklace. All of our bar necklaces can be worn hanging straight down or wrapping around your neck once to create a layering piece all in one. 

bar necklace, ethically made, jewelry, artisan made, social impact


Three Bead Hoop Earrings: When we designed the Three Bead Hoop Earrings we wanted to make them in a way that allows you to swap out the beads. However, when the hoops arrived we realized they had a little extra security factor, which is good for you because it means the beads won’t slip off! But it also means we had to change up our product. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t still customize these guys! All you need is a cheap pair of pliers and you can bend back the little “T” in the hoop. Simply slide off 2 beads or take them all off for a plain hoop earring. Then bend the “T” back and you are on your way! 

ethically made, fair trade, social impact, three bead hoop earrings, gold 


Birthstone Paperclip Necklace: Our Paperclip Necklace isn’t just for showing off your birthstones. You can pick beads based on your birth date, your kids, someone special to you, or just pick the color you like. And it doesn’t stop there! Add your own charms or turn it around and use the clasp in the back to create a perfect layering chain. You can also make the necklace smaller by using the clasps in the back and picking your perfect link.

fair trade, ethically made jewelry, birthstone beads, artisan made, social impact


The Ifrah Charm Necklace: If you couldn’t tell, this necklace is made to customize! It’s longer so it makes a great layering piece with items like our paperclip chain. You can take off the charms, add your own or put some of our birthstone beads with it! 

ethically made fair trade charm necklace


Ilham Toggle Necklace: Wear it with the clasp in front or wear it with the clasp in the back — either way you can't go wrong! 

ethically made fair trade beaded necklace with toggle

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