Fair Wage vs Living Wage

fair wage vs living wage, artisans, jewelry, handmadeWe define a fair wage as money earned that is agreed upon by both parties. This should be above or equal to the minimum wage or industry standards for that country or region.

We define a living wage as a wage earned that provides for a family's basic needs. Whether this is for one person or half of the family (assuming the father works).

However, we know that a living wage is not always possible unless an artisan is committed to working full-time and we have enough demand for the supply. Therefore, at Dreamer & Co we are committed to continuously evaluating our fair wage policy.

This means we ensure the artisan's income is beyond "good enough." We ensure they are paid a price that values their work and also gives them enough money to pay for their monthly expenses.

As the demand for their product increases we are able to order more products from the artisans and pay more women a full-time fair wage.

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