Meet Neima: The Master Maker of The Fabric Earrings

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Neima is one of the founding members of Riyo Rumoday. She was one of the first women to go through the vocation training program conducted by our partner non-profit. She learned to make paper bead jewelry and enjoyed it so much that she helped start Riyo Rumoday alongside Mouna, the Riyo Rumoday president. 

Neima is one of six siblings (five girls and one boy) and she lives with her mother and her siblings. Her father passed away several years ago. Before Dreamer & Co partnered with Riyo Rumoday, Neima’s older sister was the only member of the household who had a job and brought home a regular salary. Neima would help her mom sell food to neighbors to make extra money, but often it was only enough money to cover their food costs and not other basic needs. Now Neima is able to contribute more to her family’s needs with her salary. Recently her mother took out a loan to build a latrine (toilet) in their home and Neima’s salary is helping to pay back that loan. Neima also saved up her salary in past years to buy a sewing machine.

At Riyo Rumoday Neima is Mouna’s right hand woman. She helps manage the trainees, check on quality control, and is a master at making The Fabric Earrings. 

Neima has a quiet confidence and the other women look up to her for her skill and ask her to help them when they are learning new things. We are inspired by the work that Neima does and how she loves her co-workers so well.

Neima’s Favorite Food: rice with meat, and also pizza

Neima’s Interests: walking on the beach and swimming in the sea

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  • Neima’s fabric earrings look beautiful. I will share your website with more of my family and friends.

    Barbara Looney on

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