Little Known Facts About the Horn of Africa

LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT HORN OF AFRICA, africa, desert, lake, water


Dreamer & Co partners with a group of artisans in the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa is the horn-shaped part of Africa on the east side of the continent. The region borders the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean and is only 18 miles from Yemen. It has a lot of Middle Eastern influence as well as some Sub-Saharan mix. Most people often overlook the Horn as a place to start an enterprise, as it has gone through many years of drought, famine, and war. This is one of the reasons we choose to work in this region. We found a lot of humanitarian non-profits, but hardly any social (or non-profit) enterprises. No one was working with women or men to help build job skills, scale their crafts, or invest in their businesses. We decided to enter into this hard work, and as part of that enter life in the Horn of Africa. 

Here are a few unknown, and fun facts about the Horn:

  1. Home to the world’s largest population of camels! Many of the camels are actually exported to places like Dubai. You can barely go a day without seeing a herd of camels wandering down the road. 

camel, horn of africa, desert

2. Home to the lowest point in Africa, Lake Assal. It’s hot hot hot, but the turquoise waters and white shores make it absolutely stunning.


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3. Home to swimming with the whale sharks. During the winter months, the whale sharks make their home in the Red Sea. You can catch a boat and with just a snorkel and fins jump in and swim with these magnificent creatures!


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