Meet the Master of the Silk Scrunchies

Kadra is one of the newer artisans with Riyo Rumoday.  She joined in September 2020 and the first product she made for Dreamer & Co was the silk scrunchie. She loves to sew and learned how to refine her skill from the job skills class she took with our partner non-profit. 

Kadra is a natural leader and keeps the other women in line making sure they don't make mistakes. She is always cracking jokes and sharing stories with the group. When she is not working on jewelry, she is sewing new designs she's seen online or in the market. In fact, she was the one who originally came up with the idea of the Silk Scrunchies!

Kadra is one of eight siblings (five girls and three boys) and there are 15 people who live in her household including her parents, siblings, and other relatives. This means, when Kadra brings home her monthly payment from Dreamer & Co, she is not just supporting herself, but contributing to a family of 15 people! 

Before Kadra worked with Riyo Rumoday, her father was the only one who brought home a salary for their household. Now Kadra works with Riyo Rumoday and the partnership with Dreamer & Co provides her with a salary that helps her contribute to her family’s needs. And one way she is helping contribute to those needs is by sending her siblings to school. This is how your purchase has impact! 


Favorite Food: She enjoys cooking and her favorite food is pasta. She wants to learn how to make Ethiopian food.

Interests: She enjoys working with the artisan group and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She likes to swim in the sea.

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